Storytime : Là où tout a commencé pour Adriel

Storytime: Where it all began for Adriel

Like every morning, when I passed the door of my classroom, my babies (as I liked to call them) got up from their chairs and ran into my arms for a very sweet good morning, for my greatest pleasure. 

So it was with my cheek full of crumbs from the morning snack that I was about to start the day. Indeed, I was an educator in a daycare center in North America.

The children in my class were between 3 and 4 years old. The youngest was "my baby girl"; a real little bitch who laughed every 15 minutes while waddling.

"Mister sweet face" no longer cried to come to daycare and spoke French better and better. "The clan of 4", meanwhile, were still arguing over who was going to have the famous "purple baby" doll. 

Everything was going pretty well in the "Yellow birds" class.

Where did the idea for Adriel's story come from?

It was siesta time and that day, the snow queen had had its day. It was time to take a story out of my "drawer", in other words my brain, but in reality this one came from my heart. 

In fact, from the first day when I took charge of the children in my class, I carried them in my heart and in my prayers. I wanted to be the educator they needed for their development. So, every morning during my meditation time, I kept saying a word for a sunny day in the classroom and there really was something magical happening in that classroom. 

That day, the magic worked.

"Their reaction, my motivation"

The children were ready for the story before bedtime. I imagined stories, but I can tell you that that day, it was a very special story.

I wanted to share with them this secret that helped me understand the meaning of life. It was like leaving them a key and saying "one day, if you wish, you too can open this door".

This is how the most beautiful story in the world was born. It was imagined and inspired from above then told and approved by children.


Comfortably installed with their cozy little blankets, the silence fell. The story begins and the further I go, the more the children are captivated. I involved them by including them in the story and I still remember their little eyes shining as they listened. 

At the end, all the children got out of their beds, cut towards me and started showering me with kisses, hugs and "I love you".

Shaken with emotions, I realized then that something had happened. A magical atmosphere, for a message that was just as magical.

It was only a year later that the idea of making a book out of it appeared. Several months later, "Adriel, the most beautiful story in the world" was released for the enjoyment of thousands of children around the world. 

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