Pourquoi avoir choisi le nom Adriel ?

Why did you choose the name Adriel?


Adriel is a name taken from the Bible, which in Hebrew means "flocks of God" or "people of God".

For my character, I needed an unusual name, but above all one that would take on its full meaning in the story and in the message that I convey through my books.

A message based on values such as love, kindness, faith and respect. 

The story of Adriel's book recounts the creation of mankind and reveals to the reader the very meaning of our existence. With simple words for the child, I try to answer the question "What is the purpose of life?"

It is called the most beautiful story in the world because it tells the creation with a magical and sweet atmosphere; a child like an adult, would enjoy discovering this story.

Inspired and inspiring, it transmits a message of love to encourage the reader to give this love around him while revealing its value to him. Give with one's gifts, one's talents, one's passion, one's abilities.

Adriel is like the reader who discovers and hears about the most beautiful story in the world and by discovering it, he understands who he is and why he is on earth.

Adriel is us, it's you, it's them. 

Together, let's transmit the light. 

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